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Czech Republic taxi

We are glad to welcome you on our website CZtransfer!

For those who first flew to us in Prague. Who constantly flies here to relax. We organize pleasant trips in Prague, the Czech Republic and Europe. Our company CZtransfer, operating on the market for 15 years, with all love and responsibility offers a taxi in the Czech Republic to make trips to other countries. We offer you Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Venice.

You can choose destinations from our list, or we can combine what you want to see together with you. All trips in groups of up to 6 people on Mercedes Viano. You can also organize in small groups — 2, 3 people. BMW 7 is at your service.

taxi prague

taxi prague

In the Czech Republic, a taxi is a common mode of transport that can be called by phone or through the taxi app on a smartphone. Some of the more popular taxi companies in the Czech Republic are CZtransfer, Liftago and AAA Taxi.

Taxi prices in the Czech Republic may vary depending on the location, time of day, distance and level of demand. Expect to pay around 28-32 CZK per kilometer outside urban areas. Inside urban areas, taxi prices are usually higher and can reach 40-50 CZK per kilometer.

Please note that some taxi drivers may try to jack up fares, so always check the price in advance and make sure the driver is using the meter. Also be careful of taxi drivers who offer services on the street as they may be illegal and unreliable. It is best to order a taxi through the application or in advance by phone.



If you are looking for cheap transport from the airport in Prague, then there are several options.

Public transport: You can take the bus from the airport (number 119) to the Nádraží Veleslavín metro station, and then transfer to the metro and get to the city center. The ticket price is about 32 CZK (1.2 EUR) and the journey takes about 45 minutes.
Taxi: You can use taxi companies such as CZtransfer or Garsia tour. These services offer cheaper fares than regular taxis, but you will be traveling with other passengers. The cost is about 500-600 CZK (20-25 EUR) per car for up to 4 people and the journey takes about 30-40 minutes.
Uber or Bolt: You can order an Uber or Bolt from the airport using the app on your smartphone. These services can be a bit more expensive than taxis, but you will be traveling one on one with a driver. Cost may vary depending on distance and time of day.

Don’t forget that taxi prices in Prague can vary depending on the time of day, the level of demand and the route. Be wary of unverified taxi drivers and make sure you know the price ahead of time before getting into a taxi.

You can order a taxi from CZtransfer on the website by filling out the form